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Airpal SSB Transceiver Launch

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We are pleased to announce that the Airpal Dual Band 20MT 40MT SSB Transceiver kit work has started and by this f month we shall start the sale of Airpal Kits.

For more you can read our latest blog post.

We have also started this Forum if members require any help to build the Airpal transceiver or any of our kits.



Sunil Lakhani

Posted : 13/02/2023 7:53 pm
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What happened to the "included inbuild liner amplifier" as described in your june 30 2022 post?


This post was modified 1 month ago by Ken Camuccio
Posted : 18/02/2023 11:23 pm
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Hi Ken

The Linear Amp can be used with Airpal it is optional, it is coming out by next month.

The basic set gives 2 to 3 watts on 20mt And 5 to 7 watts on 40mt with the PA it will go upto 30 watts on 20mt and 40 watts on 40mt.

A suitable enclosure is also being worked out.

Presently the Airpal kit is basic one with out linear And enclosure. Once the enclosure and PA are ready we shall start offering that too.

We are just waiting for the PCB to arrive from China. The kit is about ready.

Thanks and best regards

Sunil VU3SUA

Posted : 21/02/2023 10:58 pm