Bitx3B3C Components Kit 20mt

Bitx3B3C Components Kit 20mt


Bitx 3b 3c components kit 20mt

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The New Version of Bitx 3B/3C components Kit for 20mt  has the following items .

1.Bitx Version 3B 3C Components For Exciter
PA, AGC And Audio Mute.
2.Wires And Connectors.
3. Speaker.
4. Led bar graph Meter built
The Kit parts can be build for Bitx3B or
or  Bitx3C with both options open.
What we are not providing are  ADE-1 And
SBL-1 mixers which have to be self purchased. Or A Basic Ver3C SBL-1 kit can be purchased from our store.
The Bitx3B And 3C have same BOM  except the ADE-1 Or SBL-1 Mixers
We now provide a CD with our kits that have the all the  documents in a very
comprehensive form , with high resolution  pictures of finished products.
The pictures provided in our listing for this
product are for Bitx3B 3C PCB set with all
modules built up just to demonstrate how the filled up boards would look like.
For more info on Bitx Version 3 Series Transceiver’s download our bitx construction manual
IMP: We are short of VU meters, so we are providing built LED bar graph meter, analogue
meters have to be self arranged.


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