Jbot Qrp Amp Board

Jbot Qrp Amp Board


JBOT  Broadband Qrp Amplifier board

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JBOT  Qrp Broadband Amplifier board

JBOT is a QRP 5 Watts HF Linear Amplifier, designed by OM Ashar Fahan.
This is our new JBOT PCB , which has been tested and performs well.
Glass Epoxy PCB
The PCB has provision for SMA as well as 2 Pin Connectors for RF Input And RF Output.
Tech Specs of JBOT:
RF output 5 watts HF Linear Amplifier
RF level  not same on all bands.
Broadband 3.5 To 28 MHZ
Power Supply: 12 Volts
IMP: Requires suitable Low Pass Filters for specific  band of use.
Use Of Project:
QRP Linear Amplifier for, SSB,CW, Digital Modes
Use as a driver for a QRO  linear amp  with suitable drive with enumerators after this amp.
Reduce power from 5 watts to QRPP power levels for QRPP use.
1. The amplifier  output want be the same on the all HF bands, maybe lower on higher bands.
2. We changed two resistor values from the original R5  100E  To 470E
And  R3 22E To 10E
3. The RFC and TF3   we have used Balun transformers, Toroid T37-43 could
also be used here as per the article on JBOT
This project is for experimental use and can be made more efficient with some other transistors for higher power levels by further research.

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Dimensions 3 × 4 in


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