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Brief History

We started the business of providing Amateur Radio kits about 9 years back, with a single project, which was the Bitx Version 3 20mt ssb transceiver designed by an Indian radio amateur Om Farhan VU2ESE. The printed circuit board of Exciter and PA how ever was designed by Om Rahul VU3WJM and he also made some modifications to the Bitx and named it as Bitx Version 3.

Hundreds of Bitx boards were sold all over the world in a few years, which prompted us to develop and modify the Bitx Version 3 .

The Bitx3 has now come  into new versions, which are today as Bitx3B using diode mixers, Bitx3C using ADE-1 mixers and Bitx3C using SBL-1 mixers, all these boards and now for 20mt and 40mt bands.

With Bitx ssb transceiver we also added the very popular frequency counter of DL4YHF and the FLL frequency counter of IK3OIL.



The company is managed by  myself, Sunil Lakhani and my Ham Radio Call sign is VU3SUA from northern part of India, from Lucknow .

Our Company Inkits  and  is based in India.


Quality Products:

Our promise is to provide quality products with best of customer service and support, which we have been providing near to decade as of now, and will continue…


New Product:

We are working on developing new products and newer versions of transceivers and equipment for Radio Amateurs use. We welcome your great support and suggestions to keep our line of products in your service.



We invite you to be a part in our development with a program we offer, for our mutual benefit. For more info on this topic kindly read the partners terms and conditions page.



Our store on ebay.com:   Fusion Radio 

Our Google Blog : Cqbitx

We are developing an exclusive store on this website itself, to offer a wide variety of products,that may not be available on our ebay store. Our Amateur Radio Kits shop

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