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Introducing Front Panel Board for our uBitx case, no wiring required now on the stereo sockets, we have made it easy for you to build the ubitx tcvr. Details coming soon.And availability of board too.

IMPORTANT :Our uBitx Case Production is for the ubitx Ver 3 Boards, For Older version some minor change has to be done to fit the LCD with the board. So please make sure your board is compatible with the current case production.

uBitx Case Pre -booking has been re-opened for another round.

Colors that will be available for pre booking are. Maroon.Blue.DA Grey. Blue with White Panels. Black & Silver and new color to be added Olive Green, type color used by army also similar to heathkit.

New Price is USD 38 for Case.

Shipping USD 22 India Post And USD 29 DHL.

For DHL kindly also pay extra 7 usd ,as default USD 22 is added in shipping.

Link to pay for DHL  https://www.paypal.me/SunilKumarLakhani/7

DHL shipping does not mean we will skip the Que for you. and ship you immediately, it just mean your shipping will be with DHL and not India Post.

Pay DHL extra charge and mention your order number by email :  admin@amateurradiokits.in

DHL presently for USA.UK.Most Parts of Europe. We will give list for countries we will offer DHL, if your country is not in list then only option will be India Post.

Shipping for the first lot of pre orders still in progress.

New orders will be shipped  as soon as old orders are done within this month, some colors may ship immediately also.

For India Post we are not responsible if your item reaches late and kindly check on India Post website for tracking, so it would be better to use more of DHL as prices are now at par with India Post.

List of countries we offer DHL

American Samoa,Algeria,Austria,Begium,Canada,
Croatia,Cyprus,Czech Rep,Denmark,Estonia,Finland,France,Germany,Greece,Gaum,Hungary,Italy,Ireland,Lastvia,Liechtenstein,Lithuania,Luxembourg,Malta,Mexico,
Marshall Islands,Monaco,Netherlands,Norway
United Kingdom,United States America,
Vatican City,Virgin ,Islands,

If your country is not in list then we offer India Post Only.





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