Where has the idea of a simple bitx gone?

Easy Bitx Dual Band TCVR
Easy Bitx Dual Band TCVR
Easy Bitx Two band 20mt/40mt SSB TCVR kit

Where has the Bitx Gone!

Remember BITX? That small, unassuming box that hummed with the magic of radio waves and promised adventure and communication to the aspiring amateur radio operator on a budget? In its heyday, it was ubiquitous, constantly hyped on forums and on the airwaves, and was a testament to the power of DIY in the amateur radio world.


However, in recent years, the whispers of “Where is BITX?” have become louder and louder. voices are getting louder, giving way to talk of leaner systems and digital advances. Has the spirit of this low-power legend really faded, or has it simply changed?

BITX, developed by Ashlan Farhan in the early 2000s, was a revolution. Is a complete 40 meter QRP SSB transceiver kit available for less than $100? Previously unthinkable. This democratized amateur radio and opened it to hobbyists, students, and anyone who wanted to explore the airwaves.

This setup was a rite of passage, an intense iron baptism that forged friendships and a deep understanding of radio principles. The airwaves crackle with BITX signals, each a testament to the skill and ingenuity of its creators. But times are changing.

Technology is advancing, offering newer and flashier toys. SDR, digital modes, and sophisticated pre-built rigs are appealing to amateurs with their promise of simplicity and versatility. With its quirks and complexity, BITX may seem like a relic, a dusty gem in the corner of a modern cabin.

But is it really gone? I don’t believe it. The spirit of BITX lives on not only in the thousands of units still ringing around the world, but also in the countless amateurs it has inspired. It inspired a love of tinkering, a deep understanding of radio fundamentals, and a sense of community that goes beyond fancy gadgets and digital accessories.

BITX may no longer be everyone’s first choice, but its legacy is undeniable. It reminds us that the true appeal of amateur radio lies not in the complexity of the equipment, but in the connections we make, the skills we learn, and the joy of experimentation. So where did BITX go? It’s not gone at all. It has evolved and morphed in the minds of countless amateur radio operators, young and old alike. They still carry in their hearts a love of DIY ingenuity and the simple magic of wireless. And maybe one day a new generation will rediscover the charm of this little box, and BITX will be revived as a testament to the eternal power of the low-power legend.

Bitx Kits  are being developed in kit form by some amateur radio operators in Indonesia and the Indian company Inkits. Create Bitx kits from Inkits, including all versions of Easy Bitx Monoband and Easy Bitx Dual Band .

The Little Box That Could: BITX is Alive and Kicking!

While whispers of “Where is BITX?” might have floated around ham radio circles in recent years, the truth is, the spirit of this low-power legend is far from gone. In fact, BITX is not only alive and well, but it’s actively being developed and improved by dedicated groups of enthusiasts, keeping the DIY dream alive for new generations of hams.

One such group hails from Indonesia, where passionate hams continue to refine and innovate upon the classic BITX design. Their efforts have resulted in various upgraded kits, offering enhanced performance and features while staying true to the BITX’s core values of simplicity and affordability.

But for those seeking a readily available option, look no further than Inkits, a company in India that’s become a champion of the BITX legacy. They offer a range of Easy BITX kits, catering to different skill levels and preferences.

Let’s take a closer look at what Inkits has to offer:

Easy BITX Mini Kit:

Perfect for beginners, this compact kit offers a straightforward build experience for the 20m or 40m band.
Affordable price makes it an excellent entry point into the world of ham radio.
Single Double sided through hole PCB simplifies soldering and assembly.
Complete manual and online resources provide ample guidance for every step.
Easy BITX Version 2:

This popular kit takes things up a notch, offering SSB transmission on both the 20m and 40m bands.
Black enclosure with a sleek Siemens Grey front panel adds a touch of sophistication.
Upgraded components and circuitry deliver improved performance and stability.
Ideal for hobbyists seeking a more challenging build with greater capabilities.
Easy BITX Dual Band:

The ultimate choice for hams who want the flexibility to explore both the 20m and 40m bands.
Easy to switch between bands with a simple toggle switch.
All the features and benefits of the Easy BITX Version 2, packed into a dual-band powerhouse.
A rewarding project for experienced builders who appreciate versatility.
Beyond the Kits:

Inkits doesn’t stop at just providing kits. They offer a wealth of resources to support BITX builders, including:

Detailed assembly manuals and troubleshooting guides.Active online communities for sharing tips, tricks, and modifications.
Additional modules and accessories to enhance your BITX experience.

Conclusion !

Whether you’re a seasoned ham looking to relive the nostalgia of BITX or a curious newcomer eager to embark on your DIY radio journey, Inkits has a kit to suit your needs. Remember, the BITX is more than just a transceiver; it’s a gateway to a world of experimentation, learning, and the thrill of making your own magic on the airwaves. So, why not pick up a kit today and rediscover the joy of the little box that could?


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