CW Generator Board

CW Generator Board


CW tone generator board

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This kit can be used as a Morse Code Practice Oscillator and as well as as CW generator for SSB transceivers like Bitx.
CW can be used in two ways.
By feeding the 700 hertz tone, to the mike input stage of TX.
By unbalancing the carrier by a positive voltage from this Generator, which unbalances the balanced modulator.
Using As a Morse Morse_Code Practice oscillator.
The generator has a side tone oscillator, from which the keying can be monitored. An 8 ohms speaker can be connected to monitor sending of CW.
Controls: The following controls are available on board.
Audio Control: Control the audios gain of the side tone oscillator
Tone Control: Control the audio tone gains for the microphone TX input stage.
Carrier Balance: Provides a positive voltage to unbalance the modulator stage in TX for CW
Delay: Adjust delay for keying CW as per speed required.
The generator can be powered by 12 volts from the TCVR connected to with the 5 pins PC connector or by a 9 Volt battery. An On/Off switch facility is also provided on the board.
The CW generator board can also be fitted in the transceiver or transmitter case, the 10K trimmers should be used for this, the 5 PIN PC connector and the RCA connector can be discarded and wires soldered direct on the pads.
For using CW there are two methods, which can be used.
By feeding the Audio tone 700 Hertz from Tone Control Output point,
to the SSB transceiver.
By providing positive voltage from point Carrier Balance, the voltage is fed
to the TX Balanced Modulator stage to unbalance the carrier .
Power Source:
The unit can be powered by 9 Volt external battery or with 12 Volts from the transceiver being used.
The voltage from the tcvr comes through one of the pins of the 5 pin PC Connector on board.
A OFF/ON switch can be used when using the 9 volts battery or a jumper can be placed across the switch pads to power it direct connecting it with  Bitx.

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