Building Your Own Ham Radio Projects.

Building Your Own Ham Radio Project

What gets you excited about home brewing? Is it to get the ultimate satisfaction, of achieving the most from the hobby?  Making contacts around the world with your own build radio, or enhancing your skills to higher levels ?

The Science of Home brewing:

One could spend a lifetime trying to understand the science behind the working of a transceiver , if one just used ready to use commercial equipment and not attempt building one, on the other hand the science and art in building a transceiver could be realized by understanding the working of each stage only by doing it practically, and building one.
For a decade now we have been assisting radio amateurs to build kits and the response has been overwhelming, amateurs have successfully built our kits and enhanced their knowledge.
The Bitx ssb transceiver is such one kit  has been successful due to its simplicity and easy to build method.
The knowledge that is being shared about Bitx project is mainly coming in from the home brewers, who have added newer designs as add-ons to the BITX, and modifying it for other bands and modes, this knowledge is immensely benefiting the new radio amateurs in building the simple transceiver by sharing their building experience.
We shall be highlighting the advantages in building your own projects in our newer post
We wish all the radio amateurs around the world happy home brewing..
best of 73s

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