Back Orders For uBitx Case Accepted.

We are pleased to inform our uBitx Builders that we are now accepting Back Orders

for the uBitx Case.

Kindly email us what colors you prefer , the usual colors will be Blue, Maroon, Black, Siemens Grey. If you have any other choice then kindly let us know.

The back order link will be placed soon. As for the color we shall email the customer and ask him his or her choice before shipping the item.

We wish you all the best with your uBitx project.

best of 73s

Sunil VU3SUA



3 thoughts on “Back Orders For uBitx Case Accepted.

  1. will
    will says:

    I ordered the Universal Case Blue & White for uBITX in Jan 31, 20019 thru Paypal as listed for $65 but have heard nothing. In hunting around it seems that case is not available. So my choice in colors would be grey or black along with the same assortment of parts.

    Thank you,
    Bill WA2NGU

  2. Kelly Mabry
    Kelly Mabry says:

    Hello! I am enquiring about the ubitx case in white for 3.5 inch Nextion Display. When will it be available? This case has provisions for gnd lug as well. Is it 67 us dollars? and what email do I send to in order to buy it (and some other things I will need)

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