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Back Orders For uBitx Case Accepted.

We are pleased to inform our uBitx Builders that we are now accepting Back Orders

for the uBitx Case.

Kindly email us what colors you prefer , the usual colors will be Blue, Maroon, Black, Siemens Grey. If you have any other choice then kindly let us know.

The back order link will be placed soon. As for the color we shall email the customer and ask him his or her choice before shipping the item.

We wish you all the best with your uBitx project.

best of 73s

Sunil VU3SUA



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World- Wide Distributors Required By Inkits

Inkits is launching some new kits very soon, so for our range of new kits we require distributors in the following regions worldwide.:-

USA. UK, Australia,Japan,France,Germany,South Africa,Argentina. Italy.If your country is not in the list still contact us for consideration.

So if you would like to sell our kits and provide local support then you are most welcome to join us as partner.

kindly use the contact form with subject distributor dx and send your details for further correspondence.

Best of 73s

Sunil VU3SUA

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‘Inkits’ our new brand name

Our Company and kits now are branded as  ‘INKITS’ the company and brand both know as Inkits now.

So Inkits is our brand name for all our products sold . We shall be adding some new kits and printed circuit boards soon.

Due to some QRM we lately have not added products, but within the end of this month some new kits are coming out.

We in India just celebrated Diwali, so let me wish all my friends a very happy and prosperous Diwali to all of you world wide.

Kindly do send in your feed back for any kits or products which you would like us

to develop and sell from our platform.

In offering new kits we have some new kits like.

  • Bingo New SSB 20mt tcvr in kit form.
  • New Bitx SSB transciever
  • Taurus 20 in kit form.
  • Avala 01 SDR in kit form.

Hope to put up some pictures soon.

Thanks and best of 73s.

Sunil VU3SUA




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New Stock Universal Case

We have in stock now the universal case that can be used for Bitx

40mt smd and also for any other qrp projects.

The case is available in 3 colors  Black Maroon And Blue and  has 2 models.



Universal Case Bitx Black
universal Case Blue For Bitx
Universal Case Maroon
Universal Case Maroon
Universal Case Bitx Blue

Kindly provide your feedback if you want any change in models colors or shape etc.

We are planning some more new case for various projects on ham radio.