Easy Bitx Audio Test .

Speaker Wiring

We are now creating videos for easy bitx as how to construct easy bitx step by step . These videos are on the version 2 of easy bitx .

This video is a short demo showing how to check the audio amp and PTT .

It’s presumed the audio amplifier has been build and the speaker is connected.

You first need to check the speaker if it’s ok with a multimeter . Second check the two pin wire connected to speaker for continuity .

The front panel board should be populated with all components. The wiring for encoder can be done later

It’s presumed the power relay and tx Rx relay are connected and the audio pre amp stage too.

Plug in the front panel . Now carefully apply power 12v . Now check the voltages of the audio amp and compare with voltage chart . Check the 7805 is giving 5 volts for si5351rewuirement .

Now increase the volume to mid postion . Take s tweezer and touch the hot end of 10k potentiometer as in video . The audio would give a loud hum indicating it’s working .

Now check the PTT switch also. The tip is mic and other pin is for PTT .

Video follows below .










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