bitx then and now!

The bitx still lives on!      

While we are building the ubitx and newer Easy Bitx there

are still hams who are working on the Vintage Bitx 3.

I remember that this was the first batch board’s bitx version

3 that were shipped many years back worldwide to hams.

Bitx has been a source of inspiration for many builders.

Worldwide who have made it for single band or multiband.

I have received an email from Om Tony whose call sign is


Here he has given detail info about his experience building

The Bitx for 3 bands 7, 14 and 21 mhz.

The interesting thing here is that he has used varactor

tuning for band pass filters with 1sV149. The details of

Schematic and pictures of his build are attached.

He has also used a Crystal filter with DDS as the VFO.

So given below are the contends of the email from Om Antonio EA5HYW

to me


Holla  Sunil

My name is Antonio Serrano, ex ec5abg my new callsign is EA5HYW

I have been proposing a simple and effective multiband

Equipment for some time based on other hf equipment such as

The ten tec argonaut 505, the bitx and military equipment,

The great challenge was the band pass filter and the vfo,

Now with the implementation of the dds the vfo and vxo are

Already achieved,

The bi-directional variable pass band pass filter is

Challenging and following in the footsteps of EA3PD and its

Multiband receivers,

This filter eliminates many and expensive switched filters

And with an acceptable selectivity in the bands it covers,

it works continuously from 7 to 21 mhz and all the bands

Within this segment, it can be expanded or made monoband,

With a single command we can find the appropriate

Selectivity at maximum noise,

As for the power stage, the irf510 gives me bad results

From 14mhz. I am going to install the vk3ye PA stage in the

beach40. I have it working with a bc547 pre driver, bd139

Driver, 2sc2078 final. 4w clean and economy stage.

The band pass filters are 4 mechanically switched each one

covers 2 bands from 7 to 21mhz I plan to go up to 28mhz is

all experiment.

When everything is finished I will give you all the

Information Now I have many problems with the dds it has a

lot of noise and spurious.

We will be in touch.


Tony EA5HYW.

Pictures of the Bitx 3 Build By Tony EA5HYW

Bitx3 Multiband


Low Pass Filters

So that was an interesting idea after all !

Band Pass Filter Varactor tuned
Band Pass Filter Varactor tuned

Bitx Ver 3 Multi Band Set up
Complete View of the Bitx 3 transciever
Front Panel Cut outs
Bitx3 Multi Band TCVR home brew
Cute Btx 3 Multiband

New amateurs getting ticket should try to build an ssb

tcvr and Bitx happens to be the most simple design for an

ssb transceiver.

We have made it simpler for you with our new kit ‘Easy

Bitx’ which can be build in15 Steps. A complete manual is

Available on our website which explains how to build the

transceiver in step by step method.

Easy Bitx Kit 20mt Blue White
Easy Bitx Kit 20mt Orange White

Easy Bitx is a mono band ssb transceiver for 20mt band it

Can also be build for 40mt and 80mt band.

The RF power output is 3 watts on 20mt band.

The kit comes with a build and working si5351 BFO VFO and automatic gain control kit.

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