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Back Orders For uBitx Case Accepted.

We are pleased to inform our uBitx Builders that we are now accepting Back Orders

for the uBitx Case.

Kindly email us what colors you prefer , the usual colors will be Blue, Maroon, Black, Siemens Grey. If you have any other choice then kindly let us know.

The back order link will be placed soon. As for the color we shall email the customer and ask him his or her choice before shipping the item.

We wish you all the best with your uBitx project.

best of 73s

Sunil VU3SUA



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World- Wide Distributors Required By Inkits

Inkits is launching some new kits very soon, so for our range of new kits we require distributors in the following regions worldwide.:-

USA. UK, Australia,Japan,France,Germany,South Africa,Argentina. Italy.If your country is not in the list still contact us for consideration.

So if you would like to sell our kits and provide local support then you are most welcome to join us as partner.

kindly use the contact form with subject distributor dx and send your details for further correspondence.

Best of 73s

Sunil VU3SUA

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‘Inkits’ our new brand name

Our Company and kits now are branded as  ‘INKITS’ the company and brand both know as Inkits now.

So Inkits is our brand name for all our products sold . We shall be adding some new kits and printed circuit boards soon.

Due to some QRM we lately have not added products, but within the end of this month some new kits are coming out.

We in India just celebrated Diwali, so let me wish all my friends a very happy and prosperous Diwali to all of you world wide.

Kindly do send in your feed back for any kits or products which you would like us

to develop and sell from our platform.

In offering new kits we have some new kits like.

  • Bingo New SSB 20mt tcvr in kit form.
  • New Bitx SSB transciever
  • Taurus 20 in kit form.
  • Avala 01 SDR in kit form.

Hope to put up some pictures soon.

Thanks and best of 73s.

Sunil VU3SUA




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Calculating crystal filter frequency : LSB USB FOR 10000.KHZ

While building an SSB transceiver we need to take correct reading of the crystals used  in a typical home brew crystal filter, as these readings will determine the correct frequency for the BFO.

What i noticed that many Bitx builders were adjusting the BFO freq as mentioned in the manual, now wait this frequency may not be the bfo freq of your set. as the builder had taken readings of his crystals and arrived at his BFO freq USB for 20mt.

You need to take readings of your crystals and find out the freq for the BFO.

Below we have mentioned how this can be done.


Many professional transceivers and transmitters used this scheme, as it simplified the generation of ISB, Independent SideBand.
Also, the Drake TR-3/TR-4/T-4 used this approach.

In amateur transceivers, it was more common that a single SSB filter was used, and the carrier frequency was shifted between USB and LSB.

Assuming a filter centre frequency of 10000.0 kHz, the USB carrier frequency would be 9998.6 kHz and the LSB 10001.4 kHz.
The assigned frequencies for both LSB and USB would be the same, 10000.0 kHz.

If the frequency display was to show carrier or reference frequency, it would be necessary to add or subtract 1.4 kHz to the centre frequency reading. Also keep in mind that some mixing schemes interchange the sideband positions relative to the reference frequency.


So take the example above the Xtal frequency is 10000.0 khz now if we subtract 1.4 khz from this as below for USB freq we get results.

Calculating a BFO. LSB.USB freq for a 10MHZ crystal filter

10000.0 khz
Minus 1.4 khz

freq 9998.6 khz is our USB freq

So now we need to take our LSB Freq which has to be above Xtal
filter freq 1.4 khz above 10.000 khz

10000.0 khz
PLUS 1.4 khz

freq 10001.4 kHz. is our LSB freq

So we have found out that by using xtal filter at 10.000 khz

our USB freq is 9998.6 khz and LSB freq is 10001.4 kHz.


The set above used 1.4khz bandwidth but standard is 1.5 khz .

So follow the above procedure and calculate your Xtal freq LSB and USB from the actual freq you get

from your Bitx VFO.

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New Stock Universal Case

We have in stock now the universal case that can be used for Bitx

40mt smd and also for any other qrp projects.

The case is available in 3 colors  Black Maroon And Blue and  has 2 models.



Universal Case Bitx Black
universal Case Blue For Bitx
Universal Case Maroon
Universal Case Maroon
Universal Case Bitx Blue

Kindly provide your feedback if you want any change in models colors or shape etc.

We are planning some more new case for various projects on ham radio.

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Wrong Speaker in Bitx Kit

If you have recently purchased a Bitx kit from us either from our website or from our store Fusion Radio ,and found a 4 Ohms speaker size 2 inches  with a Blue cover with Label Milton, then kindly accept our apologies. The correct speaker to use  is an 8 ohms speaker, and not 4 ohms.

Due to an error we received a wrong consignment from our vendor. So kindly let us know and we shall send a new speaker with no charge.

Kindly email your PayPal order number for the same.

best regards

Sunil Vu3SUA

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Building Your Own Ham Radio Projects.

Building Your Own Ham Radio Project

What gets you excited about home brewing? Is it to get the ultimate satisfaction, of achieving the most from the hobby?  Making contacts around the world with your own build radio, or enhancing your skills to higher levels ?

The Science of Home brewing:

One could spend a lifetime trying to understand the science behind the working of a transceiver , if one just used ready to use commercial equipment and not attempt building one, on the other hand the science and art in building a transceiver could be realized by understanding the working of each stage only by doing it practically, and building one.
For a decade now we have been assisting radio amateurs to build kits and the response has been overwhelming, amateurs have successfully built our kits and enhanced their knowledge.
The Bitx ssb transceiver is such one kit  has been successful due to its simplicity and easy to build method.
The knowledge that is being shared about Bitx project is mainly coming in from the home brewers, who have added newer designs as add-ons to the BITX, and modifying it for other bands and modes, this knowledge is immensely benefiting the new radio amateurs in building the simple transceiver by sharing their building experience.
We shall be highlighting the advantages in building your own projects in our newer post
We wish all the radio amateurs around the world happy home brewing..
best of 73s
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Amateur Radio Kits. In Website Now Open

Finally our website is complete. The shopping cart had a bug which has been removed.

The shopping cart is working okay now with Paypal, we shall be adding more payment options very soon.

Every effort will be taken to include a variety of products from Kits and parts, printed circuit boards etc.

We hope you find using our shopping cart with no problems, if you do have any issue then do

contact us.

Seeking your support so that we can make most out of this website.

Now we have a download section where all our kits manuals can be downloaded.

I will get back soon with another post.

Have a great day


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Current Website Status

Our website  is being re-built for a better shopping experience. Some major sections of the website are in place, we are now adding products and setting up the shopping cart.

We shall also try to share maximum information of our products.

A download page has been set up for downloading the files for the products that we shall be

selling from our store. Files have been added for downloading them.

Kindly do not use the shopping cart as of now UN-till we have completed it by adding products, and setting the payment processors. How ever an account can be created for future purchases.
Thanks and best wishes
best of 73s
Sunil VU3SUA