“Exploring the Benefits of the μBITX DIY Kit: A Hands-On Approach to Amateur Radio Building”

The Micro BITX (μBITX) DIY KIT Version 5 Multiband SSB CW The ubitx kit is based on the Micro Bitx Version 5 The uBitx DIY Kit is a comprehensive solution for those looking to build their own Micro Bitx radio. With its user-friendly design and high-quality components, this kit offers a seamless experience for DIY […]

Where has the idea of a simple bitx gone?

Easy Bitx Dual Band TCVR

Where has the Bitx Gone! Remember BITX? That small, unassuming box that hummed with the magic of radio waves and promised adventure and communication to the aspiring amateur radio operator on a budget? In its heyday, it was ubiquitous, constantly hyped on forums and on the airwaves, and was a testament to the power of […]

Comparison Between uBitx And Easy Bitx Dual Band.

Easy Bitx Dual Band

uBitx vs. Easy Bitx Dual Band: Striking the Right Balance Introduction When it comes to the world of amateur radio transceiver kits, uBitx and Easy Bitx Dual Band have become notable choices for amateur radio enthusiasts. This comparison digs deeper into the characteristics of each, highlighting the benefits of Easy Bitx Dual Band’s ease of […]

Inkits Unveils Latest Products, Expands Product Line for Ham Radio Enthusiasts

Title: Inkits Unveils Exciting New Products for Ham Radio Enthusiasts, Exclusive to USA Customers Introduction: Inkits, a leading name in the world of ham radio kits, has recently launched a series of innovative products designed to enhance the experience of amateur radio operators. While these cutting-edge offerings are available exclusively to customers in the USA […]

AGC Kit Updates

Important Update: Changes to AGC PCB Design for Improved Performance        AGC PCB CORRECTION            CORRECT PCB SILK SCREEN We would like to inform you about recent modifications made to our Automatic Gain Control (AGC) PCB, aimed at enhancing its functionality and addressing certain issues reported by our customers. These changes have been implemented […]

Introduction to Airpal Dual Band 20/40 MT Band SSB TCVR

Airpal SSB Transceiver 20Mt/40Mt kit

ARE LOOKING TO BUILD A SSB TRANSCEIVER? AIRPAL DUAL BAND 20MT 40MT SSB TCVR As a ham radio enthusiast, you may be looking for a reliable and easy-to-use transceiver that can operate on multiple bands. Airpal QRP SSB Dual Band Transceiver is one such device that can be built with ease and has numerous benefits. […]

EASY 20 Watts With 200 MW SSB Transceivers

IRF 150 with easy bitx

       You Tube Video On IRF150 Mod With Easy Bitx 200MW Drive  Introduction Amateur radio enthusiasts are always on the lookout for ways to improve the performance of their equipment. In this blog post, we will be discussing a modification made to an SSB transceiver using the Easy Bitx kit for 40m. The modification involved […]

What is Audio Mute in SSB Transceiver and how to use it.

Audio Mute Kit

An audio mute circuit is a device utilized in transceivers (which can be gadgets that each transmit and receive signals) to quickly silence the audio output. this may be beneficial in situations where you need to forestall audio transmission for a brief time frame, such as while adjusting settings or when receiving audio interference. The […]